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Cá fhad é ó an tús don stoirm

How far is it from the beginning to the storm?

I love to pull the wires from the wall
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I hate you all. No, seriously, I hope you impale your hand on a dirty hypodermic needle and contract hepatitis, you worthless piece of shit.
But in a nice way. I swear.

This is MY journal. It isn't my life, it isn't my personality; to couch it in rather crude terms, it's mostly intellectual masturbation . . .
If you think that this journal, this profile, this collection of interests and communities and random verbiage, somehow represents the totality of me, of who i am, of what i think and feel, well, that's your failure, not mine.

The internet is a medium for the exchange of information, nothing more, nothing less; whether that information is in the form of academic debate or pictures of dogs being fucked with cucumbers, it's still just a limited semi-personal discourse, and people would do well to remember that.
It's just a tool; it has no significance, no meaning, but what we give it.

By the way, if you (in the general sense) have any issue with anything I say in a post or a comment, anything opinion I assert or defend, let me know there, not here. Keep it in the appropriate and relevant place; this here is my journal, for my use, so attacking me here only makes you look petty. I will most likely have forgotten what I did that pissed you off, so it just works better as well.

I'm always open to argument, dissent, correction, and debate. I won't attack people for disagreeing with me. It's my firm conviction that rational, judicious intellectual conflict is the anvil upon which knowledge is tested; whether it is proved enduring or is found wanting, we are better for it. Be reasonable, respectful, and mature, and I will return the favor. Behave like an ass, and I will most likely call you on it or just ignore you.

Of course, the preceding two paragraphs are probably wholly unnecessary, but they make me feel smug and self-important so I'm leaving them there.