February 13th, 2008


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Fuck working in lab groups. It's an exercise in nail-biting, tooth-grinding frustration.
I fucking hate working with other people. I hate having to trust other people not to fuck experiments up. I hate having to trust other people not to record things incorrectly. I hate having people take the things I want to do and then fuck them up. I hate sitting around waiting for people to figure out how to do things I not only know how to do, but can do faster and more accurately. I hate having to trust people who don't know how to use analytical equipment. I hate having anything of importance riding on people who don't care to be as precise as I like to be. I hate having to use someone else's data for my own analyses. It drives me up the fucking wall.

One of my lab parters dropped a test tube halfway through a run, and had to start completely over. Moron. Now I'm in a shitty mood.